Kelley White

this Dad's at the school clinic,
he's going blind in one eye, (falling window,
broken glass,) and he's lost his job,
his daughter's just been with him
for a week, (her mother's 'indulging,'
if-you-know-what-I-mean,) and he doesn't
know much about her health, except she's had
no shots, (the little girl,  she's
in kindergarten,) and he's lost
his insurance, and he's lost
his doctor, so I see the girl for free,
(I see them all for free,)

and this has stopped
being a poem, she takes her shots quiet,
but there's this lump beside her breastbone,
(there's a supraclavicular node,
there's cervical, submental, axillary,
and damn damn damn damn damn inguinal)
I send some blood work, hope it's TB
or something I haven't guessed at, treatable,
say, come see me at my regular office
next week, (maybe they'll be smaller,) maybe
I can find you a doctor (for adults,) look
into your sight

With apologies to Jan Vermeer