Mitchell Metz
Ice Man

5,000 years ago
Otzi was in a fight.  He lost.
Forensic evidence suggests a 48-hour
"combat situation" that did not end pretty.

Evidence: 1) arrowhead in scapula,
2) defensive gashes on wrists, 3)

death.  But not before
he killed two attackers, carried
an injured comrade on his back.

Otzi wore skins and ate ibex.
He used a bow & arrows, a copper axe.
Anthropologists speculate he was a specialist

who hunted high
above the tree line
where tribal boundaries
blur.  There

he encountered "a hostile language group."
which precipitated "a boundary situation."

At some point Otzi
shot an enemy, retrieved his arrow.
Molecular archeologists cannot reproduce
the sound of serrated flint torn from a dying man.