Cathy Barber
How to Stay in Bed

Start the night before. Don't set the alarm.
    Consider setting it, perhaps, but decide against.
Shut the blinds before you lie down at night.
    Turn the plastic rod so the blinds are tight.
When the inevitable light forms in lines
    and brightens your room anyway, turn away.
    Close your eyes again and see if that helps.
When closing your eyes doesn't help,
    pull the covers over your head. Grab them
    in a way that you can tighten them all around.
    Like, as a child who believed in witches,
    you blocked their prying searches for you.
Get comfortable again. Adjust your under-the-covers
    pillows. Wiggle your shoulders into new,
    less scrunched positions. Let your arms rest
    where they will.
Think lovely thoughts. Really. Go all Mary Poppins,
    or if you prefer, Mr. Rogers.
    Put on a metaphorical cardigan and slippers.
    Enter the world of make believe.
There is no car here, no highway,
    no bumper-to-bumper, no boss,
    no deadlines, no failures,
    just sleep and sleep and dreams.