Daniel M. Shapiro
Archibald on an Empty Stomach

Graphic: "Secret Industry," by Peter Schwartz

So Archibald
just lost his job
at Corporate Conservatives Co. Inc. Ltd.
and vowed to achieve flagrance,
to swing a kidney punch
at his recent blueblazer/blueshirt/bluetie past
by getting a tattoo.

But Archibald
went to the parlor
on an empty stomach and eschewed
his friends' advice to get a yin/yang
or skull or naked-lady silhouette,
instead opting for a turkey dinner
with cranberries/stuffing/yams (across his back),
assorted cheeses (thighs & shoulders),
and ice cream cake (never mind where).

So Archibald
went to the bank
to look for work, and the bankers
"didn't think it was a good fit." Same story
at the consulting firm, advising firm,
sales processing firm, processing sales firm,
and Starbucks.

But Archibald
still had his appetite,
so he hit the grocery store to stock up,
not knowing when that next pay check
might arrive, not noticing as
the store manager sized him up,
wondering if Archie might have
that good sense of produce
or knack for butchery.

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