Diane Klammer
Economical Insects

We cultivated an ancient relationship
with bees.
Unlike us,
their currency does grow
on trees.

With natural genius
bees design perfect hexagons
which tessellate,
create a holy
beeswax state.

What a treat
it must be
to live in honeycomb
with living air conditioners.

They dance to communicate

the direction of food,
sing while they work,
trick or treat
visiting flowers.

Their queen
is simple,
a perpetual egg laying machine.
What a life to lead.

Such practicality.

She has no time to dream..
Mother of all mothers,
That job
has to be more difficult
than it seems.

As for the drone,
well, what short sighted
undirected anal
single mindedness
created him?

To be pampered all his life
for one mating flight,
only to expire.
That brief ecstasy
In cloth like gauzy sails
can't be worth that.

The women do all
of the work
clad only in wings
and stripes.

Yet no prisoners, they
have become masters at labor,
though sterile,
take the role

of soldier, mathematician,
nurse, architect,
environmental engineer
confectioner, royal jelly chef
dancer, singer,

make such a buzz.
All this expertise
at such a low salary.
Sound familiar?

Genetics designed them
to be heroes.
If they defend, they die
on one try.

Can one understand
this industry?
Life is sweet
and it isn't.