Nicole Cartwright Denison

        (Plant with roots in the soil)

discerned from the Key to Families:
        Key 1 relates those bodies of twining vines
vascular flow germane to species health
        (exhalation is tantamount to exposure)

(flashback: cauldrons of lye steeping, laundry
tightroping the yard, a minstrel affair mid-breeze
before. . .) clematis bloomed six-fold
        (divide rootstock in autumn months only)

twining vines exhibit pronounced aversion: (flora
to climbing more than 15' in height,
yet there are no width, or space, considerations
for clumping perennials

plant under advisement, watchful of moonsign
make ample room for seedlings-transplants not
        (exaltation is purview to undoing)


Contest T.o.C.