Susana H. Case

Hello pretty lady!
I am Blair, person extraordinaire.
I don't have a photo because I'm still

getting the hang of my digital camera
but I look like a cross between
Antonio Banderas

Bill Clinton and Bob Dylan.
This is like a blind date
with peeking.

You won't be disappointed. The qualities
in your description of yourself are ones I respect,
admire—they are depictions of me.

I'm passionate about rowing.
I am an orgasm
of artistic joy and progressive awareness.

I'm your ideal man.
Right now, between careers.
I was looking for a model type.

You're not a model type.
That's a pity.
But it's nice that you have a degree in computers.

Brainy is good too.
You seem like a chick I can click with.
Maybe you could show me

how to upload my photo to my profile.
Maybe we should meet so
I won't have to.

Could it be that you're The One?
This is the first time
I have ever done this.