Eric Marks
AMM Seeks — Nothing

"Online daters often regret telling the truth, feeling that too much honesty
creates a bad impression."

Robert Epstein, Scientific American Mind Feb/Mar 2007

Average Middle-aged Male
Seeks absolutely nothing
In hopes of being present.

Slowly dissolving classic appearance,
One personality with versatile temperaments,
Original hair, teeth and organs.
(Will send photos, x-rays, CAT scans)

Enjoys constant reassurance
And affirmation that

Mediocre is the new awesome.

Kindness and compassion towards
All beings highly desirable;
But will embrace right intentions

Must have strong sense of Nowness
With reasonable expectation of Suffering.
No attachment necessary.

Children and pets — desirable.
Capacity to love — required.
Willingness to let go — priceless!

Turn-on's include, but not limited to:
  • Phenomenal wisdom
  • Primordial awareness
  • Infectious laughter
  • No letters/ phone calls/ emails/ text messages/ necessary.
    All mindful inquires considered.