Lee Stern
All This Crappy Poetry

I'd like to apologize to you for writing all this crappy poetry.
I'd like you to know that I didn't sit down and plan for it to be this bad.
When I sat down, it was my intention
to come up with some really, really good stuff,
something that might give you some comfort.
Something you could look to in the midst of planning your daily events.
I wanted you to read my lines from the perspective
of one who liked to look at his heart from a particular angle.
I wanted you to become not necessarily a wiser individual,
but an individual for whom the motion
of the elements of harmony would retain its sweet resolve.
Musically, I wanted you to be in a position to sing.
To move your wings a little bit the way the birds do.
I wanted you to think that walking down your daily path,
you'd be in a position of strength to get to wherever it was you were getting to.
And I wanted the distance you were approaching not to recede.
But to bring forth on its tray of words
unlimited cadences burned from the silence of my pen.

Graphic: Tunnel Vision 4 ~ photo by Roger Pfingston
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