Benjamin Arda Doty
My Girl, Daisy Cutter, or
the BLU-82B Dumb Bomb

Daisy, when we were last together,
6,000 feet off the ground,
We hauled you on the trolley
And pushed you out the C-130.

There we dropped you, Daisy,
And as we listened to Hendrix, you fell,
Like an explosive Beetle our drunk Christ
Drove off the highway to heaven.

Daisy, you 15,000-pound suppository,
You looked like you came straight out of God’s ass,
As he belched, cursed and passed—

Ammonium nitrate, aluminum powder,
Polystyrene and most of his wrath.

Daisy, don’t forget to look up for me
When you say good-bye for us
To those poor souls below
And kiss the sky.