John McKernan
Twenty Questions

Do you want to become a Franciscan Sister Third Order Regular of Penance of the Sorrowful
Mother Mary

How about a gunfighter?

A mercenary soldier?

A Playboy Bunny?

Would you eat the maggots mixed in with the rice?

Are you still dying?

Were you that skinny little kid in Omaha eating a hot dog looking at a thin gray cloud ?

Were you digging up some of the deeper secrets of life?

What are you willing to set fire to?

What would you do at midnight in a woodshed?

Are you willing to live your life as a cripple?

Have you gathered the materials to build a bridge to the moon?

Are you married or are you something else?

Why don’t you try giving up breathing for a day?

What makes you different from a crawdad?

Where does all your yearning come from?

Do you want to spread Allah’s compassion and mercy all over the sidewalks of New York?

If you were a vegetable would you fear the gardener’s knife?

What should that nun in first grade have told you beside the alphabet?