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Alice Jennings
"Who are YOU?" said the Caterpillar
      —After Lewis Carroll

Scattered one by one by one in one inch
squats of dirt confined — a pomegranate
crunch—a lettuce seed so small it must be
whisked with a knife down a cylinder &

popped mid spot. With moisture & mead,
the seed will burst at its seam w/ a speckle
of green. It expands from the liquids it drinks
like Alice, She grew ten feet tall to reach the key

to the somewhere in between. Behemoths though
can’t push themselves thru tiny holes so she ate
the cake to lose her muchness and discovered
the cat that disappeared. After two fairfarrens

very long ones indeed—the godly Queen
prepped a potion for Alice to be neither too small
nor too tall
. Now she, like the Dorothy in us all,
had the means to flee Witzend with a pinch

to her cheek; that is, after she did what
in the Oraculum was foretold and slayed
the jabberwocky with the Vorpahl sword. O poor
Mad Hatter! He thought she’d stay longer—at least

for tea! He was crazy about Alice. How a seed bursts
into what it needs to be is due to the sun, the moon,
the farmer’s fate and whether or not it is the right
Alice (about which there’s been some debate.) Yet,

in the end, the lettuce is eaten & the question remains—
Why is a raven like a writing desk?

Mad Hatter image with apologies to John Tenniel