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Lucy Winrow

Sympathetic detonation, or SYDET, is the detonation of an explosive charge
caused by a shock wave or blast fragments from a nearby explosion.

Pylons necklace the land
a string of Eiffel towers crackling
like sweet wrappers in deep pockets of mist.
Pins and needles crown my temple
and bracelet my wrists in thorn.

That sound is the air charging
it makes all my hairs stand straight
like iron filings following a magnet
even the ingrown ones
those waxy little worms
give a blind tug at the root.

The torch yawns a long yellow cone across a blizzard of ash
pausing then deleting flakes into the hard black.
Explosions blossom in slow motion.

It doesn’t matter how far away I get
the searchlight locks on to me
strapped to a pantograph and
headlessly sketching the movements
of your body. Arms give up
to pure reflex and ribbons of blood
plaiting skywards in surrender.
Phosphorous fingertips clutch
and combust on the breeze
sending a column of fire
walloping through my core.
All our empty eye sockets can do
is blaze at each another.