John Grey

  Didn't realize
  the world's as black and white
  as this newspaper.
  Until the politicians
  opened their mouths,
  the letter writers took to their pens,
  the editorialists, columnists,
  shared their sureties,
  I didn't know that
  what's not one thing
  has to be its opposite.
  If you're not for,
  you're against.
  If you don't love,
  you hate.
  Didn't realize
  the world's so black and white,
  I can buy its truths for fifty cents,
  page through them
  in less than a half hour.
  I tap my brow,
  mutter to my brain,
  don't worry,
  the newspaper's already
  done your job.
  Then I think... mmm....
  gray matter...
  now why the hell
  do they call it that?

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