Ann Calandro
Artist's statement:"Using various combinations of paper, ink, pencil, acrylic and watercolor paint, pastel, charcoal, fabric, ribbon, small objects, and non-digital photographs that I take with a Canon Rebel EOS and various zoom lenses, I strive in my collage/mixed media artwork to make the real and the imaginary compatible. I've been most influenced by the paintings of Henri Rousseau, who seems to have set out to reproduce the world photographically and instead ended up creating a world of enchantment. Other influences include Romare Bearden's and Jacob Lawrence's vivid cityscapes, Henri Matisse's use of color, Edward Hopper's insistence on light, and Charles Sheeler's precisionism and photomontages. Although I originally intended to major in art, I majored in English and became a writer. Over the years I've taken courses in painting, drawing, collage, and ceramics."