TH2000: Indelible Marks

Color(e)s - a photomeditation by Sara McAulay

Geography: marks and erasures (1), places and things - poetry and prose by B.E. Anstandig, Kieron Devlin, Mary Ganz, Elsa García, Lisa Morin, Rochelle Nameroff

Marking the world - a cartoon by E. Dillinger

White lines and wheels - our cars define and mark us, and vice-versa. "Auto" prose by Mary Meyer, Pauline Burchfield, W.P. Osborn

Swimming - a story by A.D. Ross

Geography: marks and erasures (2), when the country
is the self
- poetry and prose by B.E. Anstandig, Mary D'Alleva, John Gilgun, Stephen D. Gutierrez, Lisa Morin, Colin Morton

Lessons learned ... or not - poetry and prose by Deb Atwood, Cathy Barber, Andrew Jones, Pauline Burchfield, Sandra Randwill

Y2KKK - or, just another millennium. Prose by Harold Jaffe

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