old truck tire

White lines and wheels

Sick Cars Make Your Buddy More Interesting
- W.P. Osborn
We were marking our ninetieth day, Beth M. and I, with a daytrip. We observed how sunny it was, hoped there wouldn't be people, said we couldn't wait for the water, and had we remembered the lunch, the Sunday paper? ... In our first weeks the solitude of this route had made us feel adventuresome, brought us to a couple's interdependence.
Life Cell - Pauline Burchfield
His car was his life cell. It moved him. It contained him. Every seven years he would shed one cell for another. Every cell had the same basic requirements. It needed to run, carry a minimum of necessities and be low maintenance.
Excerpt from Pink Sky - Mary Meyer
Ronnie finally arrived to pick Marlyce up. We knew this because Marlyce's mom opened her bedroom door, and her face had taken on an extra shade of sour. Her mom looked past me into the room, toward the bed where we'd been dancing, and I decided to wait out front on the porch.

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