Table of Contents

Emmanuel Agrapidis ~ I Will Walk Through Harlem
Cathy Barber ~ How to Stay in Bed; Slouch
Judith Barrington ~ The Octopus
F.J. Bergmann ~ Contest
Steven Breyak ~ Alternate Endings
Kate Bernadette Benedict ~ Adipose Ode; Glimpses of the Body...
Patti Dean ~ Women's Clothes
Iris Jamahl Dunkle ~ 4 prosepoems
Alison Eastley ~ Sea Anemone
Violeta García-Mendoza ~ Revision
Robert Gibbons ~ Drawn in Charcoal and Ochre...
Dorothy Gilbert ~ Fox Woman
Ona Gritz ~ All in Black...; Contest
Trevor Hambric ~ Contest
Quinn Hernandez ~ Contest
Jennifer Peters Kepka ~ Contest
Claire Keyes ~ Ode to My New Shoes
Janet Norman Knox ~ Reading Leaves Experiment
Anne-Marie Levine ~ artwork
Laura McCullough ~ Crucifix Block; How Artists See Weather; The Weight...
Mira Martin-Parker ~ Bad Weather
Kristine Ong Muslim ~ Contest
Chad Prevost ~ Insomniac; My Three Roses; Seven Lightning Strikes
Daniel M. Shapiro ~ Archibald on an Empty Stomach
Judith Skillman ~ The Dodo; Those Bleeding Hearts
Ray Templeton ~ Contest
Kelley White ~ The Chief Complaint...; Round